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Reflection on Passion Essay Samples - Five Simple Tips

Reflection on Passion Essay Samples - Five Simple TipsFinding inspiration for your reflection on passion essay can be easy, provided you find appropriate reflection on passion essay samples. On the other hand, you may feel like you are stuck in a rut. Are you sure you are doing the right thing? Below are several ways to improve your passion essay by digging into your own life.- Focus on your passion. If you are suffering from your own feelings of discontentment, it will be hard to dig into your own feelings of passion. There are many things to think about and look at, but finding a deeper level of your own inner emotions of passion is something to look for. Reflection on passion essay samples are the best tool you can utilize to identify and develop those qualities you want to develop.- Appreciate enthusiasm. This is a common problem of many essay writers. It is true that enthusiasm is always useful traits to have, but sometimes writing does not allow you to properly appreciate the t hings you are enthusiastic about. On the other hand, though, many writers and students also struggle with enthusiasm. If you ever want to improve your passion reflection, find materials that will show you where to focus on your own passion, and also help you find ways to recognize and apply your enthusiasm to your writing.- Expand your thoughts. You can come up with a great deal of great thoughts about your own passion, if you focus more on the how to you get interested in your passion, instead of the why. When you develop your thoughts on passion, it is important to be able to continue your thoughts even after you finish writing your reflection on passion. So, if you don't want to dig into your thoughts about your passion, you can easily use your reflection on passion essay samples to help you develop your thoughts on passion.- Expand your original thoughts. When you have developed your thoughts on passion, you can now examine your original thoughts on passion. One of the hardest t hings to do is to change your original thoughts about what you are passionate about. When you are able to fully do this, you can look back on your original thoughts on passion and use those original thoughts as reflection on passion.- Think outside the box. Reflection on passion is not limited to just writing things about your own passions. Sometimes you may be interested in writing about other things you are passionate about, and you need to take a step outside of your comfort zone.- Continue your own interests. If you develop your thoughts on passion by focusing on your own passions, you can continue them even after you finish writing your reflection on passion. If you develop thoughts on passion by focusing on your own interests, you will always be able to relate to the things you are passionate about. So, if you ever want to improve your reflection on passion, always be sure to give it attention to your own passions and your own interests.

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Mental Illness And Substance Abuse - 901 Words

Researchers have found that a link exists between mental illness and substance abuse, which may have complications on the actual treatment for mental illness. It is very important for the addiction counselor to properly understand both the differences between acute primary psychiatric disorders and any underlying psychiatric symptoms, caused by alcohol and other drugs. Sometimes the addiction needs to be treated first in order for the mental illness to be properly identified and successfully treated. Also addiction counselors need to understand mental health disorder treatments. Clients with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health illness problems may benefit from substance abuse treatments, even those with serious mental health symptoms. This can set the foundation for the addiction counselor to provide a good integrated treatment strategy which can offer a lower relapse rate and achieve long term abstinence. When a counselor is a assessing a client, the client must un derstand how a co-occurring disorder may effect there addiction. Counselors must perform a thorough assessment in order to identify the proper criteria for each diagnosis that is identified. Let’s look at three mistakes that a counselor could make during an assessment in assessing a client. Most clients do not have a good understanding of co-occurring disorders. One reason is that most feel they do not â€Å"fit in† with the rest of society and find it easier to fit in by using alcohol or drugs. TheShow MoreRelatedSubstance Abuse And Mental Illness990 Words   |  4 PagesA Review of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Substance use is very common among people diagnosed with mental illness. This paper will examine the results of two studies on, at high risk and want to quit: Marijuana use among adults with depression or serious psychological distress by Yuyan Shi (2014). Factors associated with depression and suicide attempts in patients undergoing rehabilitation for substance use by Ortiz-Gomez, Lopez-Canul, and Arankowsky-Sanoval (2014). In conducting their studyRead MoreSubstance Abuse And Mental Illness2671 Words   |  11 Pagesill and substance abuse. Substance abuse is often seen in adolescents and adults, whether they are mentally ill or not. Mental illness and substance abuse is more commonly known as a dual diagnosis. Often times, the treatment for this particular diagnosis is harder to treat than if each condition were treated on its own. Early treatment of dually diagnosed disorders may be a prevention strategy to end future problematic behaviors. The combination of substance abuse and mental illness can be dueRead MoreMental Illness And Substance Abuse1133 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract Families who are dealing with members who have mental illness and substance abuse face many problems. Particularly schizophrenia is characterized by delusional thoughts, seeing and hearing things that others don’t see or hear, loss of emotional expression and problems with cognitive skills and motivation (Elements, 2014). In some cases schizophrenia can cause the onset of substance abuse, in other cases substance abuse can mimic symptoms of schizophrenia. Medications such as antipsychoticsRead MoreHomelessness And Substance Abuse And Mental Illness Essay2659 Words   |  11 Pagesthe closure of asylums in the Sixties and Seventies, and mental illness. Substance abuse often goes hand in hand with homelessness although there is debate as to which comes first. More over a number of individuals not only suffer from homelessness and substance abuse but also mental illness as well. This population struggles to have their basic needs of food and shelter met, so receiving adequate t reatment for substance abuse and mental illness is often difficult. Two main treatment modalities areRead MoreMental Illness And Substance Abuse Problems1563 Words   |  7 Pagespopulation who have mental illness or substance abuse problems. The first section of this literature review explores programs on help people with mental illness or substance abuse, the second section discusses finding health care for them and lastly, the third section reviews effective discharge planning. Effective Treatment Modalities: Programs Most of the research supports the use of programs to reduce recidivism among formerly incarcerated population with substance abuse and mental issues. This studyRead MoreMental Illness And Substance Abuse Problem Essay1937 Words   |  8 PagesLiving with in poverty with a mental illness and a substance abuse problem is not an easy job. The struggles of life as well as a traumatic event can cause a person brain to malfunction. There is approximately 27 % of the United States population that fits the criteria for a mental illness. Mental illness, substance abuse, and poverty go hand and hand. However, health care providers call mental illness and substance use a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder when combined. Dual diagnosis isRead MoreCase Study : Mental Illness Substance Abuse1766 Words   |  8 PagesName: Kristin Bondlow Program Name and Focus Program Name: MISA Treatment Program (MISA: Mental Illness Substance Abuse) Agency Name: Hope Recovery Services Program Focus (The social need the program will address): The Hope Recovery Services agency will involve a program known as MISA Treatment Program that focus on helping individuals with mental illnesses that are currently suffering from substance abuse. The MISA Treatment Program is residential. The agency will treat male and female clientsRead MoreRelationship Between Mental Illness, Substance Abuse Suicide1895 Words   |  8 Pagesbetween Mental Illness, Substance Abuse Suicide Erin Marteny Nearly one of every three of us experiences psychiatric symptoms each year. These range from the relatively minor, such as a short period of anxiety or grief during times of stress, to the severely disabling and painful. Nearly half of us have family member or a close friend with serious mental illness. In mental illness suicide rates are high among individuals with bipolar, depression and schizophrenia. History of Mental Illness MentalRead More Case Study: Impact on Children of Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Mental Illness2706 Words   |  11 PagesStudies have shown that children who grow up in families where there is substance misuse, mental illness or domestic violence are more vulnerable to significant harm (Kendall-Taylor and Mikulak 2009).Children’s vulnerability usually stems from the effects of substance misuse, domestic violence or mental illness on parenting ability. Substance misuse, domestic violence and mental illness can result in parent’s finding it difficult to organize their lives to meet both their personal needs and theirRead MorePreventing Mental Illness And Substance Abuse Found Among Canada s First Nations Communities1326 Words   |  6 PagesIn interpreting the significance of the disproportionately high rates of mental illness and substance abuse found amongst Canada’s First Nations communities, it is critical to recognize that these groups have been lo ng marginalized, and typically live in remote areas bereft of sophisticated and large-scale health service facilities (Gone Trimble, 2012). With this reality in mind, the implications of the statistics and analyses presented above demonstrate that a very significant degree of institutionalized

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Race and Representation in Congress Essay - 5076 Words

Race and Representation in Congress The topic of race, redistricting, and minority representation in Congress has emerged as one of the most salient issues in contemporary political thought. The creation of so#8209;called majority minority districts has been attacked as unfair and racially polarizing by some observers and ultimately struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The study of race in relation to American politics and institutions, and, in particular, to the institution of Congress, has produced a wealth of research and literature in recent years. This scope of budding research ranges from legislative activity and Congressional voting to the electoral process and campaigning. This study examines the effects of†¦show more content†¦The exclusion of these groups is for the sake of clarity and focus; the topic of women and Hispanics and their effects on all aspects of American politics is deserving of concentrated studies separate from this one. In order to best present this argument, it is necessary to begin with an informative review of current and significant literature on the topic of the politics of race in the US Congress. This will provide a better understanding of the implications of race in Congressional constituencies. Following this literature review, a case study of four different House members and a comparison of their campaigning and constituency interaction will be presented. History of Blacks in Congress To comprehend the issue of racial redistricting and representation in Congress, it is important to have a good understanding of the basic historical and contemporary concepts involved. Currently, racial gerrymandering is defined as a process of creating heavily minority populated Congressional districts, or majority minority districts (Grofman 359). The purpose of these districts is to enfranchise and empower the black electorate through increased political representation in order to overcome a history of discrimination. Generally, a majority minority district needs 65% or more black voters in order to possess meaningful representative power and, more to the point, elect blackShow MoreRelatedAmerican Politics And The United States Congress Essay952 Words   |  4 Pagesscholars have sought to understand the causes of increasing partisanship and polarization in the United States Congress. Since the 1970s, the ideological positions of the two major U.S. parties, the Democratic and R epublican parties, have widened (Abramowitz and Saunders, 2008; Levendusky; 2010). This ideological divide also promotes a perception among the American public that Congress has increasingly become ineffective and polarized to a point where political parties in government no longer compromiseRead MoreFramers of the Constitution1047 Words   |  5 Pagesrepublican principle of limited government, the three institutions in the government that embodies the commitment of representation: the House of Representatives, the senate, and the presidency, amendments of the constitution that expand the democratic representation, and passages that expresses the republican principle of popular sovereignty There are many powers given to congress by the Constitution, but at the same time there are many powers denied to it as well. For example, amendment one- ReligionRead MoreRestricting the Voting Rights of Felons1491 Words   |  6 PagesRights Act due to its significant impact on minorities and men, as it hinders their ability to participate in elections in swing states where the popular vote is known to be close. Citizens in these states have a greater influence on American representation; therefore every vote counts. However despite this knowledge one in every five black adults are unable to vote because of felon disenfranchisement laws (Holding). Consequently sabotaging the true â€Å"democratic process† (Siegel â€Å"Felon DisenfranchisementRead MoreCongressional Representation : Richard F. Fenno Essay1634 Words   |  7 PagesIn an era where strong partisan divisiveness continues to paralyze Congress, The Challenge of Congressional Representation offers a well-formulat ed, insightful study of the intricate relationship between Congress and their home constituencies. It invokes nostalgia for a time before the Tea Party insurgency and the dreadful Citizens United decision – a time when Congress members put â€Å"country before party†, by listening to the people they represent rather than their echo chamber and the unlimitedRead MoreThe Framers Of The U.s. Constitution Essay1640 Words   |  7 Pages What I will be addressing in this paper is whether members of both houses of Congress should be allowed to consistently hold a position as long as they are reelected or if an amendment to the Constitution imposing term limits should be ratified. I will analyze differing viewpoints relating to the subject and determine if there is enough evidence to support that term limits would benefit Americans. History of Congress and Term Limits Before the Constitutional Convention in 1787, the federal governmentRead MoreImpact Of The 14th And 15th Amendment Under U.s. Policy1154 Words   |  5 Pageschanges. Impact of the 14th and 15th Amendment under U.S. Policy The 14th Amendment was ratified July 9, 1868 giving citizenship to all persons including former slaves. Any state that went against the constitution was punished, reducing their representation in Congress. The Amendment banned those who engaged in rebellion against the States from holding any civil, military or elected office without approval of two-thirds of the Senate and the House of Representatives. This Amendment didn’t authorize anyRead MoreThe Detrimental Practice of Gerrymandering1004 Words   |  5 Pagesknown as gerrymandering, occurs in nearly every state. While some claim that the practice helps America, in reality gerrymandering harms American democracy and safety. Gerrymandering greatly affects society, and must become illegal to insure fair representation, the democratic processes in America continues, and America continues to thrive. When gerrymandering occurs, a political party draws the boundaries of an electoral district in a way that helps their party win elections over the other partiesRead MoreCongress: Full of Tricks1178 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Congress† was established in response to the weakness of the Government that the â€Å"Articles of the Confederation† had exposed and also as a compromise between the larger and smaller states. The representatives of the larger States wanted to lord it over the smaller states but â€Å"The Framers of the Constitution wanted to prevent the concentration of power in the hands of a few†. (K Janda, Berry, Goldman, Shildkraut, Hula pg. 268) So, in an effort to please everyone the great compromise was made whichRead MorePresidential Election : Electoral College1647 Words   |  7 Pageselections, including the election of 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000, have resulted in the popular vote’s choice losing. Contrary to the Electoral College, prop ortional representation (PR) systems allocate electoral votes proportionately, based off of percentages voters cast, and, therefore, do not include the winner-take-all strategy. Thus, Congress should enact a proportional allocation of the electoral vote system in replacement of the Electoral College to ensure that political minorities have a fair voiceRead MoreSpeech Before Congress By Carrie Chapman Catt1429 Words   |  6 PagesThree years after â€Å"Speech before Congress† was delivered by Carrie Chapman Catt, a well-known leader of the women s suffragist movement, women granted the right to vote and receive all rights as citizens. Catt’s speech was a major stepping stone for Congress to pass the 19th amendment. She was able to deliver her speech in a manner which was persuasive to congress because it encompassed all the rhetorical appeals. Catt crafted her argument by presenting herself with authority and knowledge, she

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Caring for Older People free essay sample

Explain ways in which health and social care workers support the independence and wellbeing of older people. M2: Assess ways in which health and social care workers support the independence and wellbeing of older people. D1: Evaluate ways in which the sectors work together to support the independence and wellbeing of older people. Doris has stayed connected with her friend Frieda who lives on her own independently but recently she has had a fall and she has been referred to the local authorities. P1 M2? When promoting independence and wellbeing in older people it has to be done in a way where the person feels that they are able to do what they are being asked to do and if they say that they don’t want to do it that is when the care professionals will step in a help. But to support a person’s independence this can be done in many ways and a few ways that can be used are to not take over, so this means that if someone is able to do something like push the button on the traffic light or they are able to dress themselves without help, the care professionals will see if the person wants to do what they are being asked to do like getting themselves dressed and if they don’t this is when they will step in; but to support the independence of the person care professionals must not step when they know that someone is able to do something that they are being asked to do, this is effective and this is because it gives the person a sense of control and it gives them a sense of confidence as well as this is because if someone is being told to do something they are being told that they can do what they are being asked and they are very able to do so; this will make them believe in themselves a bit more if they feel that they are not able to do a lot of things. But then it can also have a negative effect and this is because if someone is being asked to do something they might begin to feel that they are getting told what to do not asked and they could become angry and show aggressive behaviour although everyone will take it differently; some people might feel that they are being helped and supported so that they are able to do things for themselves whereas other might feel that they are being told what to do and they might feel under pressure to do what might be being asked of them. Depending if Frieda has damaged any bones or has an fractures she might have to have support come in and help her with her daily life and this would be applied if Frieda was getting care from professionals and she could experience the positive effects or the negatives effect of being able to do as much as she can. Another way to support the independence of a person is to encourage someone to do as much as they can for themselves, so this can be from letting a pe rson chose the clothes they wear or from letting someone choose if they want to go out or not. So to encourage someone the care professionals will says to the person to make their own decisions with regards to going out or they can encourage someone to choose their clothes; so care professionals will say to the person they are trying to get to choose their own clothes’ what do you want to wear today? ’ or they might say if someone says that they want the care professionals to choose they could say’ why don’t you choose their your clothes? ’ but this would be in a positive way so this would be in a positive tone of voice and they would show positive body language. This approach can be effective as it can make some people feel that they are not being controlled and that they are able to do the things they want when they want if there is care avaible if someone needs care. Also it can make people feel that they are in control of their lives and they are being helped as much as the person wants. Also it will make people feel that they have control of the life and this can be control of money or decision making. If someone is given to the chance to make their own decisions they might begin to feel that they people are there to help them and they might even co-operate more. But this approach can also be negative and this is because someone can feel that they are having a lot of pressure put on them if they have to make a decision and it could lead to them getting stressed out and sometimes people might refuse to make a decisions if care professionals are expecting a decision from the person being asked. But as I have said before everyone takes things differently. This would be applied as well if Frieda was getting care from careers, Frieda could experience the positive effects or she could experience the negative effects depending on how she feels after the fall. Another way to support the independence of a person it let them have control of the things they can in their lives. So this can be from letting someone control their money, letting someone choose what they want to buy when they do food shopping. Another way to support independence is to maintain the person’s dignity, so this can be done like if someone wants to a care professional to go to the toilet with them the care professional could go with them but the maintain their dignity they might not look at the person while they are using the toilet unless they need any help. This approach can be effective because it gives people a sense of control and it gives a person a sense of having control of their life and their ageing. If someone does feel that they are in control of their life they might cooperate with care professionals more and they might even become more involved with activities and social interaction. But again this can also be taken in a negative way and this can because someone might need help with controlling things in their lives but they might not want to admit that they need help, so if they are refusing to do something like sort out their money, this could be seen a cry for help as it is a way of them non-verbally saying that they need help but they don’t want to ask for it verbally. But this is a positive effect as well as negative effect. This will also be applied to the care that Frieda might get depending on the seriousness of the fall and if she has any injuries but she could experience the positive effects of this approach or she could experience the negative effects but this is dependent on if she wants to admit that she needs help or if she is willing to admits she needs help and do the things that she can. When supporting a person’s wellbeing care professionals can do this is many ways and these can be ensuring that someone has a balanced diet as well as a healthy diet, so this can be done by suggesting things to people when doing food shopping or if someone is in residential care they can make sure that they have a healthy meal on the menu for dinner, lunch and breakfast. This approach can be positive because it will mean that someone is getting their 5 a day and they are having a balanced meal as well as getting the recommend amount of calories. Which this can then stop weight gain and some might be in better health if they are having a healthy balanced diet. This cannot really have a negative effect but it could as some people might not like healthy food and this could mean that they do not eat the food that they are given and then they could lose a lot of weight in a very little space of time. If Frieda was unable to cook for herself she would then have careers come in and cook for her and the careers would ensure that Frieda has a balanced and healthy diet she could either take it  one way or another, but this depends if she ate healthily before the fall; if she did she would experience the positive effects and if she didn’t she would experience the negative effects. Another way professional care providers can support a person a person we llbeing is keeping people learning, so this can be done by playing memory activities as well as doing reminiscence with older people and teaching older people about new technology. This can done by arranging activities like teaching session on new technology. This can have positive effect as know a days there is a lot new technology and this is needed as skill as people might need to use the internet or a computer. Although it can be scary as well for people and this could be a generation things as people might be used to what they know and learning about new things can be scary as it could be too complex for them understand and the person could get frustrated with themselves because they cannot understand what they are being taught. But then people might enjoy learning new skills and it keeps people mentally active. If Frieda was to get care from a career, they career would try and do activities with her as she might not be able to get out as much as she used to be able to and she could then disengage but the prevent disengagement taking place the career would do activities with her that could keep her mentally active as well as physically active. Another way to support a person’s wellbeing is to set people goals that are achievable, this can be done by setting people goals like reading a number of books in a week or it could be that they set a goal for a person teach the care professionals something new which could be about how education was conducted when the person was in school. This can be a positive and the effects can be that the person enjoys teaching other as they might have been a teacher in the past and also they might enjoy reading new books and this could open them up to new opportunities like going to a book club and making new friends. But this can also have negative effects and these can be that a person doesn’t want to teach people and they could feel that they are being pressured to do so and this could then affect a person’s health as they might be worrying all the time about the things that they have to do. Also someone might not be able to read but the professionals are not aware of that and they might feel disappointed in themselves and they could begin to feel worthless because they are not able to read. If Frieda was to get care from a career the career would could use this approach so that she could set goals for herself and feel proud of herself is she achieves the goals that might have been set and the goals could have been like going to a group and meeting new people. Frieda could either experience the positive effects of this approach or she could either experience the negative effects. D1? There are many ways that sectors can work together to support the wellbeing and independence of a person. The GP and careers could work together and this is because the GP could come out the person who is being cared for or they person could go to the GP but the career could give the person the choice so that they can make their own decision and this is supporting the persons independence because they are making their own decisions, this is also supporting a person’s wellbeing because the GP can look after the person’s health and if someone is in good health they might be emotionally happy whereas if someone doesn’t have very good health they could be very miserable and unhappy and this can be because they might just give up and they might not see any point in living because they are elderly and their health is not very good. This can be a good and effective way in supporting the independence and wellbeing of a person as it can be seen to the service user that the care professionals are looking out for their health and wellbeing and that they are not there to take ov er that person’s life. But it could be taken in another way, so the service user could take it as they are being controlled and their life is being taken over and this can be because the person might want to arrange appointments with the GP themselves and they might not want the careers to know what is going on with them as they might see it as a invasion of privacy. The GP and the care providers working together can have a positive outcome and this is because they will both work together to ensure that Frieda’s health is in check. The outcomes that the GP will want to is that Frieda’s health is in good shape and she and that’s she doesn’t experience huge amounts of pain as well as her having a good experience with ageing. The outcome that the care providers will be look for are that is Frieda’s health is in good shape and that she is holistically ok, so this means that they want to make sure that Frieda’s emotional wellbeing is ok, her physical welling is ok, her intellectual wellbeing is ok and that her social wellbeing is ok. Another way professionals can work together to support the wellbeing and independence of a person could be that social services work with the care professionals that might look after someone who needs support like Frieda, they can both support the independence of Frieda by involving her with most things like letting contribute towards her support plan and letting her make them aware of what she wants help with but the professionals but also consider if that is in the best interest of her health. Also she could be involved with the support plan with regards to when she receives support. A way they could support her wellbeing is to ensure that she is happy with the care that she’s getting and making sure that care providers are not taking over too much as well as ensuring that the care professionals are encouraging Frieda to do as much as she can for herself. They can support Frieda emotional wellbeing by making sure that her family are involved with her care plan if she wants them to be, if they are involved with her care plan she might feel happier about getting support if she does not like the idea that she needs support as she might not accept that as most elderly people want to most things for themselves as it is a pride to them and they don’t want to give up actually accept that they need help with things as they get into their older years, but this is depending on the health of an elderly person if they need help. This can be a good and effective way to support Frieda’s wellbeing and independence as it involved her as much as she can be involved which might give her a sense that she still has control of the things that she does as well as still having control of her life. But this depends on how Frieda takes things as she might see it as an insult to her because she might think that people are trying to say that she is not able to do things for herself anymore, or she could take it in a different way and actually think that people are trying to help and that they are concerned about her health and they want to ensure her safety and wellbeing. The outcomes that social services will look to achieve are that Frieda is in a safe environment and that she is in an environment that meets her holistic needs; also that she is getting the support that she needs. The outcomes of the care providers will be to ensure that safety of Frieda and that she does not come to any harm and that is she is happy with the support she is getting. Another way that care professionals can work together to support the wellbeing and independence of Frieda is that they could work alongside a complementary therapist. If Frieda wanted to use a complementary therapist for any pain or stresses she might be experiencing the care providers can work alongside the complementary therapist. They can support Frieda’s independence because when she has an appointment with the therapists the care providers can either take or let her make her own way there but that would be for Frieda to decide. It is also supporting her wellbeing because if the therapy is working for her she might not have so much stress and she might not be in so much pain and this is supporting her emotional wellbeing but if the therapy wasn’t working for her, she could feel sad and unhappy; but if it does work for her then she could become happier as stress could be bringing her down. Also the care providers and therapists can work together and this could be the care providers as the therapists to teach Frieda some moves so that she could possibly do it on herself or get a friend to do it for her, instead of having to wait to see the therapist. This could be an effective way care professionals care work together as they both are making sure that a person is ok and they both don’t just target one area they target all aspects of person, so the complementary therapists is not just going to focus on the area of the body which is in pain they are going to concentrate on the whole body as there might be something else causing pain that Frieda might be experiencing. But then it could also not work as the complementary therapist might not teach Frieda some moves as they might charge to do so and Frieda might not have the funds to do it. The outcomes that the complementary therapist will have are that the pain is gone and that she no longer experiences any more pain and they will try to find the cause of the pain to see if they can stop the pain or try their best to. Also another outcome for the therapist is that Frieda is happy with the treatment and that she attends all the treatments that she is recommended to have. The outcomes for the care providers will be that Frieda will not in be in serious amounts of pain and that she is able to manage the pain, and that they will hope for the therapy to work but that might have to be assessed by a GP. Another way that care professionals can work together to support Frieda’s independence and wellbeing is that the care providers for Frieda can work closely with the hospital. So if Frieda has broken a bone because of the fall that she had, the hospital would then let someone know with regards to the people who care for her but her family would be the first to know. Before she comes out of the hospital someone who is resenting the care provider could meet with the doctor dealing with her and they could discuss her health and ways and what she needs to do example rest, not put a lot of pressure on the part of the body where the broken bone might be. Also they could discuss way in which Frieda can do as much for help and will she need a walking aid to do so, an example of this can be that the doctor could say that Frieda will need a frame to get around the house as she might be unsteady and if has broken a leg bone she might become bed bound. But they can support her independence by letting her do as much as she can for herself so when she’s in hospital staff could let Frieda get to the toilets by herself if she can or they can offer their help and this supports her independence because she is being able to make how own choices. The outcomes for the hospital will be that Frieda is in good health and that she doesn’t have any serious illnesses that are not known to them like cancer. Also another outcome is that they don’t want Frieda to be in a lot of pain if she will have long term pain.

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Small Business Essays - Business Models, Entrepreneurship

Small Business Small business: In our definition we consider that business as a small business, which are registered with Government agencies and requires initial capital of 500,000?25,00,000. The turnover for a small business ranges from 25,00,000?50,00,000 and number of employees' ranges from 5?50 depending upon the nature of business. Examples of small business in Pakistan: 1. Nagori milk shop 2. Time medico 3. Almas dish washing powder 4. Allahabad stores 5. Kaybees Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is someone who recognizes his opportunities. He raises the capital and other

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Criminal Investigations Criminal Evidence Essay Example

Criminal Investigations Criminal Evidence Essay Example Criminal Investigations Criminal Evidence Essay Criminal Investigations Criminal Evidence Essay Why is non-verbal communicating of import when attesting before a jury. and what suggestions do you hold for assisting a attesting officer make a positive feeling on a jury? Jurors are selected by the justice. prosecution and the supporting lawyer. The justice will supply the list of possible jurymans to both the prosecution and the supporting lawyer for the choice procedure to take part in the test instance. For either the prosecuting officer or the defending lawyer jury choosing a jury is usually really similar in its procedure. The choice of the jurymans is completed after the test induction and the arraignment and supplication. The Sixth Amendment provides the any American citizen the right to an impartial jury ( Hess Orthmann A ; Hess. 2013 ) . The procedure both the prosecution and the supporting lawyer usage to choose a juryman is called voir dire ( the preliminary scrutiny of a informant or juryman to find his or her competence to give or hear grounds ) . These people are questioned by both the prosecuting officer and the defence lawyer. During this procedure the possible jurymans are questioned about a figure of things. from their spiritual patterns to things that have happened to them. The ground for these unfastened ended inquiries is to see if the juryman will be biased against the accused. or may hold beliefs that will harm a instance ( Hill. 2005 ) ( Hess Orthmann A ; Hess. 2013 ) . Both the prosecution and the supporting lawyer use some common tactics and possible jury processing techniques. Both parties study their instance and set up a tactics to face the possible legal expert with. They may even engage a Philologist with jury choice forte preparation to help their jury choice. First is the belief and attitude scrutiny of the juryman ( Hess Orthmann A ; Hess. 2013 ) . Mentions Hess Orthmann. C. H. . A ; Hess. K. M. ( 2013 ) . Condemnable Investigation ( 10th Ed ) . Clifton Park. New york: Cengage Publication. Business Law. Anti Essays. Retrieved January 12. 2013. from the World Wide Web: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. antiessays. com/free-essays/222945. hypertext markup language

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Lost Woods Tent and Caravan Camping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lost Woods Tent and Caravan Camping - Essay Example Most customers will not be aware of the quality service to be provided for them unless extensive marketing is done which is through this fan page. On an everyday basis, I will have information about the deals and services available be posted on the page and this links should be posted on other groups and pages in Facebook, blogs, and other sites. In another view the fan page will be inclusive of the photos of the tents, caravans and camping sites available within their localities, this will include costs and details of this goods and services. This will give further insights of the activities that can be conducted there, since details can be limited in other spheres of the organization the fan page will be inclusive of a link to the Organisations main website. This fan page will also provide a platform for our clients to engage in discussions about the tents, the caravans, and the camping experience. Since the company has quality services and do not expect much criticisms this fan page will be a selling point. Any experience of criticism will be used as an analysis reference point of the changes required to meet the customers’ needs. The Lost Woods fan page will increase the sales of tents, caravans and more visits to the camping sites. In conclusion, Lost Woods Tents and Caravans Camping fan page will promote the services of the organization by marketing the Organisation intensively and extensively. It will also promote client customer interactions which will be instrumental in business activities.